Friday, 6 November 2009

Cuckoo in the nest?

I was a bit taken aback to find out that this blog had reached the giddy heights of #4 in Wikio’s ranking of the top British Wine and Beer blogs. That’s quite an achievement for something that was created purely to get things off my chest, took the best part of a year to receive its first comment and another six months to get any significant attention.

I can’t help feeling like a bit of a cuckoo in the nest, as this blog is really more about the politics of beer and pubs, and the general erosion of lifestyle freedom, than about beer and pubs themselves. However, I suppose straddling the boundaries like that is what gets attention from various parts of the blogosphere and thus boosts the ranking.

And, sadly, the very first post about Bansturbation has set the tone for all the dismal developments of the past two-and-a-bit years. Reading back over the first set of posts, though, it does seem that, the occasional excursion aside, I did find my distinctive voice from the start.


  1. And very well deserved your 4th place is, well done.

    I do not understand Wikio. I've been registered for three months and still It does'nt seem to know that and I can't sign in nor can I resubmit as it says they already have me there (F-2-C blog.)

    I'll get it sorted somehow :)

  2. I never actually did anything to register with Wikio, my blog just suddenly popped up in their rankings about four months ago.

    I suppose F2C would have to compete in the general field of "Politics" where obviously there is much more competition than in "Wine and Beer" - Dick Puddlecote is #57 in that category.

  3. No point in being anything but distinctive, if you can pull it off, and you do. A lot of beer bloggers don't.

  4. Thanks Nev. I think that's what it is - this blog (whether you like it or not) does have a distinctive voice and, if you like, a "unique selling proposition".

    Some beer blogs just seem to be "my random thoughts about beer and pubs".

  5. I quite like your random thoughts. Keep it up, even if at 50 you're a bit of a coffin dodger.


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