Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bottled beer poll

The current poll is intended to find out to what extent people are influenced by in-store offers when buying bottled or canned beer. After I’d done it, it occurred to me that there is really a fifth category – people who don’t mainly stick to familiar brands, but are always on the lookout for something new or unusual. But if you take that approach, and don’t pay much attention to the price tag, then the first answer, “I buy the brands I like regardless of price” is the best one to go for. So far, that’s well in the lead, which will no doubt disappoint Cooking Lager and his campaign for cheap lout.


  1. Canned beer is yeuch. Supermarket bottled beer generally means crappy beers from the big guns (with a couple of notable exceptions).

    You need another category "I think supermarket beer is generally crap and I prefer to buy my beer from online bottled beer retailers."

    e.g. myBreweryTap, AlesByMail,

  2. Supermarkets aren't mentioned anywhere. If you're buying bottled beer from online retailers, then surely the same criteria apply as to what extent you are swayed by cut-price offers.

    And, given the amount of micro/craft/bottle-conditioned beers they now stock, you are being unreasonably dismissive of the supermarkets' current offering.

  3. What are "in-store offers" then? The advantage of online sellers is choice; the disadvantage? Price. Quite different (at the moment) from in-store markets.

  4. From my experience of online drinks retailers it is not unknown for them to offer discounts on particular products they are promoting.

    And many web retailers refer to their "online store".

  5. Well before I was 'the baron' (i.e. before July 2009) I would buy the same 4 bottles every week in Morrisons in their 4 for £5 deal.

    Now I'll buy special beers at whatever price and if there is a beer that I've not tried before on offer then I'll pick it up.

    My recent haul was 15 bottles of Tesco Finest American Double IPA (aka BrewDog Hardcore IPA) at £1.33 a bottle...

  6. Agree with MusicRab. Sick of the usual supermarket big gun crap whatever the price. With the likes of Mybrewerytap and AlesByMail the world is your oyster. And at a price to match. Mikkeller anybody?

  7. I'm always looking out for offers. Brewdog Punk IPA in Asda. Tesco Finest 'Hardcore'. Crouch Vale / Adnams beers brewed for Marks & Spencer. End-of-line clearouts at

    I'll pay top whack for something new and interesting, but for my favourites I'm happy to wait around for an offer and then buy in bulk.

  8. I am never disappointed, Mudge, only amused.

    The Campaign for cooking lager is not a campaign against pong. It is a campaign happy to embrace pong. Cheap grog is what counts, and if pongs your tipple it ought be cheap.

    The campaign only seeks to brush away prejudice in regard to cooking lager, highlighting it's quality and bargain price.

  9. @MusicRab Most of the specialist or online retailers sell the same beers as the supermarkets, just with an extended and more diverse range. Shit, Beer Ritz sell Desperados and Beers of Europe sell Carlsberg (sometimes in bottles and cans!) And what's wrong with can per se? Just get crap beers in cans in the UK doesn't mean cans are bad!


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