Monday, 9 January 2012

Twice drily

In the light of today’s news about people being recommended to have a couple of alcohol-free days each week, it’s interesting to revisit the results of this poll from a couple of years ago, in which 40% of respondents said they typically had an alcoholic drink every day.

It was disappointing, although not remotely surprising, to hear some strident harridan from Alcohol Focus Scotland being allowed to repeat her bilge on the BBC without the slightest challenge from the reporter.

As someone said on the radio, “two dry days a week is what passes for summer in Scotland”.


  1. Well, what a bolt from the blue this is. Not.

    It never ends. Ever. These parasitical control freaks will just keep on pushing and pushing and pushing, because their mortgages depend on it. And look at the results. What a fucking country.

    Maybe soon even the blinkered, triumphalist anti-smoking drinkers will notice what's happening.

  2. This is the latest bullshit meejah bandwagon. On Monday evening we had BBC Norhwest featuring radio presenter Becky Want describing her month of total abstinence during December ( although judging by her appearance , probably a good idea) then immediately afterwards on The One Show , the nature pwesenter Mike Dilgwerh , he of the sunglasses on the head at nighttimes and the difficulties with the letter R, explaining how he too had given up the swally for the festive month.


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