Sunday, 11 October 2009

I'll only be happy if boozing is banned

Well, actually it’s smoking, but there’s only a fag paper’s width between the two mindsets. A more naked example of the “get them to the camps” mentality is hard to imagine – what a vile, intolerant piece of scum Duncan Bannatyne is.

I’ll only be happy when Duncan Bannatyne is banned.


  1. It's the Frank Skinner approach: "I used to do it, but now I've seen the light I want it banned." Although I like the fact that pubs are now smoke-free, I think the smoking ban has gone far enough, unlike Duncan. But then I've never smoked & don't have the zealous fanaticism of the convert, again unlike Duncan.

  2. Read that earlier PC after a tip off from Dick Puddlecote on the F2C forum. Left it to him and the likes of yourself to do a piece on it as I know you both would treat it with the contempt it deserves.

    I really do dispair at my fellow smokers who, for the sake of argument, turn on alcohol as being more of a killer than smoking, SHS etc. Everything we consume has the potential to kill us if not imbibed rationally.

  3. I am waiting for DP to give it to Bannatyne with both barrels. I have a non-swearing policy on my blog, but I confidently expect the c-word to be used >;-)

  4. We need a St George to step forward and slay this particular dragon.

  5. I like him. I like all the judges on Dragon's Den. Not sure I agree with him on smoking, but I don't really see that as important.

  6. Described here, aptly, as "the most sinister article I've read in a long time".

  7. The comments to this posting make the point that Bannatyne has extensive business interests in gambling, which in its own way has the potential for wrecking lives just as surely as smoking does.

  8. "Not sure I agree with him on smoking, but I don't really see that as important."

    In which case, you haven't been listening properly, and are part of the problem.

  9. Maybe Jeffrey needs to read this:

    The drinks industry hates to compare itself with the tobacco industry (understandably), but it really does not matter who they compare themselves with. It matters who the specialists are comparing them with.

    You may think drink has nothing to do with tobacco, but the people who want to ban and restrict things don't agree.


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