Saturday, 30 June 2012

More may well mean worse

A post by Tandleman about stale keg beer reminded me of an odd bit of nostalgia. The Traveller’s Rest at Flash on the A53 heading from Buxton towards Leek used to claim to sell every (keg) draught beer available in the UK. This was almost certainly an exaggeration, but it was definitely the case that pretty much every inch of the long promontory bar counter bore a keg font of the typical late 70s boxy type. In a different era, it would have been much more popular with drinkers than today but, even so, I imagine most of the kegs were undrinkably stale.

It has long since been refurbished and given a more conventional and limited beer range (I think I visited it again around 2000), but StreetView suggests it is still open and trading.

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  1. When I lived in Buston in 1974 the Travellers was my Friday night local. I counted up once and there were 53 keg fonts on the bar. Not all different beers but a good selection. I used to rather like the keg Joules Bitter


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