Friday, 21 November 2014

Supermarket swoop

On the right is a photo of the new Morrisons M-Local store that opened this week on the site of the former Four Heatons pub (originally the Moss Ross), shown below. There are also eight flats above the shop. I have previously written about the Four Heatons here when it originally closed almost four years ago.

In a sense it’s sad when any pub closes, but the Moss Rose was always an unappealing building from the start, and, as a wet-led, working class boozer, it’s probably fair to say it was given the ultimate coup de grâce by the smoking ban. By the end it had become very dingy and run-down, and largely devoid of customers, and to be honest a convenience store will be a useful facility for a lot more of the local population.

It also has a rather better beer selection than the average Tesco Express, including bottled ales at the same 3 for £5 offer as the main stores.


  1. "a useful facility for a lot more of the local population?"

    What about the black economy? Where will people buy knock off gear or fake driving licences? Pubs are community assets, mate.

  2. How much is the boddies widget cans in there, Mr Mudge?

  3. Irrespective of your hobby horse, the Moss Rose was doomed once it became a hotspot for drug dealing


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