Friday, 8 June 2018

More Blogger bother

Blogger have recently carried out a number of changes to their service. As usual, these seem to fall into the category of Hutber’s Law, that is “improvement means deterioration”. One is the removal of support for OpenID, which allowed people to leave comments using their account on other blogging platforms such as Wordpress. They claim that this was little used, but it certainly was on this blog, and it was valuable in adding authenticity to comments. Using the “Name/ID” function, anyone can superficially pretend to be anyone else.

On top of this, they have stopped e-mailing comments on my own blog to me. They accept this is a fault, but after a couple of weeks have done nothing to fix it. The big problem with this is that, if comments require approval, I don’t receive them. The only way I’m aware of them is if I log on to the control panel, which obviously is a lot more trouble than just looking in my inbox. So, if you’ve left a comment and are wondering why it hasn’t appeared, please be patient...


  1. Annoying when you get messed about. I went to the Doncaster Beer Festival yesterday evening and very good it was too. We have four of ours on there (Angles Ales) and the only cask lager too. It's at the Dome. A great venue and had some very interesting beers. If you are looking for great local and Yorkshire beers it's a good festival. There is a very good range of ABV too. Support Beer Festivals or they will die back to just the very big ones!

    1. It's in a worthy cause, but a bit of shameless promotion there, Doc ;-)

    2. I know, I know. It's a pride thing. The Donny crowd are very good value and very chatty. Worth a mingle any time. Plus beer is excellent. Plenty of variety.

  2. I use Blogger and had no idea about this, especially not emailing you comments. I've just gone into the design tab and found a few that people have left in the last couple of weeks.

  3. I guess this follows Tony Wheeler's (founder of Lonely Planet) maxim:

    Good places go bad, bad places go bust.


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