Friday, 20 March 2009

Other people's eyes

I spotted this review of the Crown in Stockport, which was recently one of the three runners-up in CAMRA’s National Pub of the Year award. Now, what it says about the Crown is very positive, although surely even in this day and age the fact that a “normal” pub doesn’t accept cards is hardly worthy of comment.

But its general remarks about Stockport are so wide of the mark as to beggar belief:

Stockport is not known for the quality of its bars and pubs and, with a handful of notable exceptions, the south Manchester town has to little to attract the discerning drinker. Or even the people looking for a quality mainstream experience.
Umm, can this be the same place that I describe on here as “a thriving town which is definitely not part of Manchester and has one of the finest collections of characterful pubs in the country”?

At least it has the virtue of not being taken over by the big pub chains:
In fact it’s the largest town in the country that hasn’t been colonised by the branded bar chains, the only option being a rather dog-eared Wetherspoons, leading the charge among a bunch of decidedly down-at-heel pubs.

Unless fake Burberry caps and tracky bottoms tucked in socks are your idea of style, you’ll agree this is the land the style bar revolution forgot.
And I'll drink to that!


  1. What nonsense. It's by Alex Eyre, which explains it. When I see her byline on a review, I find myself sighing.

    The most basic of research would have revealed Stockport's thriving pub scene. Sadly, it's usually what the coctails are like that matters most to her.

  2. Well, it takes all sorts...

    As you note, most of us would view the absence of chains as one of the key strengths in Stockports status as pub capital of the world (well, after the Gornals anyway).

    Goodness knows what Alex would make of the Olde Vic, which I love.

    In the same vein, there are some people (mostly female) who will tell you the main reason they love Cambridge is because it's got all the best chain shops !


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