Saturday 21 March 2009

The Good Tramp Fuel Guide

There’s a huge amount of information around about cask beers, where and how they are brewed, what they taste like, and where they are available. To a lesser extent this is true about premium bottled ales, whether or not bottle-conditioned. But the consumers of keg and canned products will find a serious dearth of information about them. Not that most of them are bothered, of course.

But, never fear, here is a site devoted to one particular variety of the genre, Super Strength Lagers. It doesn’t seem to have much of a standard of connoisseurship, indeed giving the notorious Tennent’s Super 10/10, despite saying of its taste, “it can only be described as a cross between dog shit and mouldy cheese with a hint of sweetness.” And the comments about the “eight-can challenge”, which would be a lethal dose to most drinkers, surely must attract the ire of our friends at Alcohol Concern.

It’s a relief that Robinson’s Old Tom, which is 8.5% ABV, but is a high-quality strong ale intended for considered sipping, is given a mere 2/10 mark. You wonder how it got into this company in the first place.


  1. My God - he had 7 pints of the stuff. And he calls it a bitter!
    I'm not sure which is worst. I think his conckusion was that this was a beer to treat with respect and I think we can all agree with that.

  2. A wonderful link. Has had me laughing all morning. Great stuff.


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