Monday, 22 April 2013

Backbone discovered in Norwich

Over the past few years there have been several occasions when I have suggested that CAMRA at a national level had entered into a potentially dangerous embrace with the anti-drink lobby in the pursuit of narrow short-term objectives.

However, two developments at their latest Annual General Meeting in Norwich suggest the tide may be starting to turn.

First, motion 8, proposed by the Liverpool branches, was passed, apparently without any speakers against.

8. This Conference requires that the Campaign should actively challenge the health lobby’s anti-alcohol statements to give a more balanced view.
Then, after what reportedly was a very lively debate, Motion 19 was passed by 276 votes to 201.
19. This Conference agrees that CAMRA is on the wrong side of the argument over minimum pricing. It instructs the National Executive to withdraw its support for this measure with immediate effect.
Well done to Tandleman in successfully proposing this motion.

This has to be added to the beer duty cut which, however presented, was actually a substantial across-the-board reverse for the neo-Prohibitionists.

Let’s hope that this signals the beginning of a new fighting spirit in standing up for British beer drinkers, although obviously the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.


  1. A toast indeed to Tandleman! Well done Sir!

    I'd buy him a pint of lout any day of the week.

    What we gonna criticise the beards for now?

  2. The barking "craft is evil" motions were defeated as well...

  3. Mudgie. Motion 8 was slightly amended to something like "formulate a policy to counter".

  4. I'll be doing a full report on proceeedings in due course by the way.

  5. "Motion 8 was slightly amended to something like "formulate a policy to counter". "

    Yes, I had picked up that it had been amended somewhat, but wasn't quite sure to what. "Formulate a strategy" sounds the best form of words.

    Look forward to reading the full report.

  6. Martin, Cambridge23 April 2013 at 10:13

    If the anti-craft contingent need a sympathetic ear they should move to Preston; the excellent Ale Cry is practically a campaign against key-keg. Odd considering how the Continental, a cask and keg champion, is such an award winner.

  7. And the anti-keg candidate failed to get on the NE

  8. Yes, well done to Tandleman, just don't ask what Chairman, Colin Valentine kept referring to him and his mate Graham as!
    (Purely in jest, I hasten to add!).

  9. Not the Chuckle Brothers, by any chance? ;-)

  10. No Mudgie. Dumb and Dumber. But he did apologise and we took it as a joke.

    Not so dumb in the end though.

  11. >Not so dumb in the end though

    Indeed... now we just need you to get those zillion campaigns down to something more manageable for the branches to embrace ;-)


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