Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This is the end, my friend

Here’s a photo taken today of the latest pub in my local area to be “tinned up”, the Green End in Burnage. As you can see, it’s a massive 1930s building with a hint of Brewer’s Tudor, but owing more to domestic building styles of the period. It was one of the increasingly rare pubs to have its own bowling green. There are a couple of other pubs about a third of a mile away in each direction, but the area isn’t exactly overpubbed and there’s no shortage of nearby housing. Perhaps its situation on the border between leafy Heaton Moor and more downmarket Burnage didn’t help its prospects, as I doubt whether many from Heaton Moor would have wanted to take the short trip down the hill to drink there.


  1. Chip up, it might become something nice, like a tea room.

  2. More like a Tesco Express - but there's a big Tesco just half a mile down the road.


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