Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bucket challenge

I’ve linked to them in the comments, but I thought it would be worth posting another couple of pictures of the interior design scheme at the Farmer’s Arms in Poynton. First is Ermantrude (sic) the full-size fibreglass cow, and second is the gents’ urinals, which take the form of a row of stainless steel buckets. I bet they pissed themselves laughing when designing that.

Considered contemporary design is one thing, but with gimmicks like this the joke will very soon fall flat.


  1. Bit posh that urinal but we readers expect a full review and star rating when you've had an opportunity to piss in it. Maybe take a marker pen to add a bit of bog graffiti?

    Maybe a comment about the charms of the local ladies or talents of the local football team or even the quality of the local beers. Extra point for misspelled profanity.

  2. I expect it will be completely changed soon - I'll be generous and give it 5 years tops.

  3. Professor Pie-Tin26 August 2014 at 12:57

    Of course some people never even manage to make it to the bogs in time.
    Did I ever tell you about ....

  4. At a push you could actually shit in that urinal easier than a regular one eh prof?

  5. So, that's where the old slops buckets ended up!

  6. ...ever tell you about...

    Aaaargh, no...

  7. No amount of changing rooms style decor will make a pub anything other than a stinking pit of pitiful addiction, broken lives and depraved activity. You can't polish a turd, only roll it in glitter.

  8. There are many sad watering holes
    where ANON has pursued Nirvana,
    from chilled spotless taverns in
    Swedish forest clearings to lean to sheds in the back streets of Damascus,from grey cafes in Then Communist Warsaw to wind swept
    bars in Galway Bay, but my soul
    descends into despair at the suggestion of a night out with a plastic bovine in Poynton.Please tell me the joint is not where normal Englishmen quaf their mead

    Before I forget TT
    Is it true you spent 3 years with
    AA (not the motoring organisation)
    before upsetting the froth blowers.

  9. They think about the urinals, the floor, the walls and the mirror, then what do they do? Repaint an old radiator black! Spoils the whole effect.

    @TT, quite right, "changing rooms style decor" is not for pubs, it is for changing rooms.

  10. @Anon I have never worked for the esteemed and noteworthy AA which do so much to help the likes of Mudgie and his readers but I have seen the effects alcohol can have ruining lives of worth and potential. Many years ago, I myself used to partake regularly every Sunday afternoon of a small schooner of sweet sherry when visiting by dear departed grandmother. Upon her sad passing I realized my habit was little more than the slow steady path of self destruction. The road to hell is simply one of degree. A schooner one Sunday could easily lead to greater temptations.

    One can enjoy invigoration without inebriation with a good hot refreshing pot of tea. One can understand the requirement of young men to socialize but it must be got through to them that there are healthier ways than drinking sickening poisonous filthy beers in public houses. There is plenty going on at the church hall to interest the young. Many of which are heritage buildings of greater longevity and interest than public houses should Mudgie choose to take the pledge.

  11. Dear Tim ,I am a regular church
    goer and ex drinker to boot and yet I am not worthy to condemn others when I remember a passage from the New Testament
    The bit where Jesus came across a pompous mob ready to stone a woman of ill repute,after a few words with the woman he approached the holier than thou assembly and asked each one
    "Who is without fault,who will cast the first stone?"
    The one thing I condemn about most who frequent pubs is their sheer apathy to whats happening around them and their denial of the obvious reasons

  12. Despairing Cestrian27 August 2014 at 13:21

    We're due a new landlord at The Rising Sun in Tarporley as "Mac" is retiring. God forbid that Robinson's pull a stunt like that. If they do I will fuck off permanently to The Swan just down the road.

  13. At least Robinsons made a beeter jo of refurbing the Plough in Gorton recently.

  14. I'm just here for the comments. Where do you find them?

  15. Where do you find what?

    Plenty of comments above yours.

    And these bogs are in the Farmers Arms, Poynton SK12 1RE.


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