Sunday, 26 October 2014

Show your colours

I happened to come across this graphic on Twitter the other day, and thought it would be worthy of a retweet.

I scarcely expected the volume of anti-smoking and anti-pub abuse I would be subjected to, which has resulted in a number of intolerant pub-hating individuals either unfollowing me or being unfollowed.

Maybe the message is a touch strident and invites accusations of Godwin’s Law. But intolerance was a key feature of Naziism, and the Nazis can be said to have begun the modern-day anti-smoking mania. Surely, since the smoking ban has been so devastating to the pub trade, pubs should be fully entitled to declare their disagreement with the law – even though they are forced to comply with it – and many would see that as a welcome manifestation of an independent, rebellious spirit.


  1. This blog requires more swastikas, in my humble opinion

  2. I agree with Adolf, you really can't go wrong with swastikas, the more the merrier. Who on earth would be offended by a swastika? Get yourself a tattoo of one, Mudge, it's a beautiful Hindu symbol.

  3. This kind of juvenile nonsense is intended to provoke this kind of reaction surely? It's a daft argument: Hitler had a dog / was vegetarian, therefore dog-owning vegetarians are as bad as Hitler.

  4. Of course, Hitler wasn't actually a vegetarian and this sort of use of Nazi symbolism is just silly.

  5. lets get this straight,the anti smoking fanatics are prepred to
    use any form of hideous grahics to get their point over,so whats wrong with pro smokers using extreme posters to promote their
    Surely the Nazi regime would have
    approved of the current TOTAL DRACONIAN smoking ban.for health reasons obviously.
    At least the total ban proved one
    thing ,anyone who believes a Labour Manifesto really needs to sort their head out

  6. @Anon. Just because fascists like me like to play Wagner does not excuse Mike Reid "singing" Calypso.

    That's like saying if your cat shits on my lawn, I'm allowed to use your front step as a shitter.

  7. Professor Pie-Tin27 October 2014 at 16:14

    Talking of shitter, did I ever tell you about that time ... oh,suit yourselves.

  8. Get your facts right.
    The first public smoking ban was in Germany in the 1930s and was supported by the Nazi government.

  9. Strange ,all this Nazi frenzy,the overwhelming majority of anti tobacco loons are Liberals,Greens
    Fabians,and a pot pourri of Wets
    Trots and other Labour Whackos.
    Even stranger the so called Ale
    Warriors share a bed with these puritanical freaks.

    PS Wagners Eingang der Gotter in Vahalla REF Gotterdammerung
    superb with a Kulmbacher Helles bier


  10. A CAMRA Stalwart.27 October 2014 at 21:41

    The clear and obvious answer to Anons barely coherent ramblings is to equalize the law between private and public spaces. Not only are pubs disadvantaged through supermarket pricing but though smoking regulation. Hike the tax on supermarket alcohol to pay for the inspectors required to enforce a ban on smoking in the home!


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