Friday, 23 January 2009

An award for Norman Lamb

I see the Devil's Kitchen has given Liberal Dimocrat MP Norman Lamb a richly deserved award (strong language alert). I must say I too get thoroughly fed up with all these interfering, joyless busybodies constantly decrying anyone who dares to drink above the government's ludicrously low and made-up safe alcohol limits. It seems that in the New Jerusalem there will be no fun or self-indulgence.


  1. "The government's ludicrously low and made-up safe alcohol limits"
    21 UNITS A WEEK ?
    21 units sounds like a good night out to me ..... :)

  2. Only jokin'
    Not many things in life do you any good if you over do it !
    Cakes can kill a man so can pies !
    Heck .... Im sure it's possible to die from lettuce poisoning ?


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