Saturday 3 January 2009

As pubs should be

Had a wander round Stockport this lunchtime and ended up in the Boar’s Head, a Sam Smith’s pub. Old Brewery Bitter at £1.35 a pint, the other drinks in proportion. Between 4 and 6 pm it was heaving, with a predominantly male, over 40 clientele, in other words pub customers as they always have been. Absolutely superb atmosphere. Surely this sends a message to all the pubs charging £2.30+ a pint and wondering where all the customers are – provide a proper, traditional drinking environment and charge reasonable prices, and the punters will find the way to your door.


  1. Not sure I'd totally agree with you on "as pubs should be" front and I think the reason for people staying away from pubs is rather less simplistic than you suggest.

  2. I am well aware that the reasons for the decline in the pub trade are far more complex, as you will gather if you read the rest of the blog.

    I am simply commenting that it was great to be in a pub that was doing some of the basic things right and as a result was doing a roaring trade with an excellent atmosphere.


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