Thursday 29 January 2009

Forbidden fruit

More joyless, politically correct nannying today from Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Gauleiter Medical Officer, in issuing guidelines stating that parents should not allow children under fifteen to drink any alcohol whatsoever. It is a typical absurd over-reaction to reach the conclusion that, as a minority of under-fifteens abuse alcohol (which in general they have not obtained from their parents anyway) that none should be allowed to have any whatsoever.

What on earth is wrong with allowing children of secondary school age the occasional small glass of beer or wine when their parents are having one? Surely it is likely to promote a more responsible attitude to alcohol in later life if children are brought up to understand that it is something that can be enjoyed in moderation rather than regarding it as forbidden fruit.


  1. I absolutely agree. I've said similar in here

  2. Has the world gone mad? The government don't seem to know what to nanny us about next. Perhaps we should stop feeding our children as well in case they're ingesting too much fat/sugar/salt - delete as appropriate.

  3. I was brought up sampling small amounts of alcohol throughout my childhood. You learn to respect it that way!


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