Saturday, 3 January 2009

The best place for children is not in the pub

I can't help thinking that this regrettable incident would not have happened if we still had the traditional restrictions on children in pubs.

In my view under-14s should only be in pubs if accompanied by their parents or guardians and eating a meal. Full stop. Drunken parents should not be able to take their offspring on pub-crawls.


  1. I reluctantly agree. I have two young children and we tend to take them to pubs with food or gardens (presumably OK ?), but I share the Wetherspoons view that parent ofetn lose control of children when just drinking.

  2. I disagree - Children should be accompany responsible parents. In many pubs, it is obvious to anyone with some common sense whether an adult is watching their child. Most parents do; from experience when they do not they are reminded to do so or leave... I use public houses most often not for anything other than snacks and beers. Restaurants are for food. When my child accompanies me, he has soft drinks, snacks, listens to music, and plays games. It is never an issue.


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