Sunday, 18 January 2009

Open all hours?

I see a fair number of pubs advertising the fact that they are "Open All Hours". However, I've often seen them with their doors closed well after noon. Since 24-hour drinking is now possible, the claim is questionable anyway. But, if it means anything, it should mean that they are open all the hours that were permitted before the liberalisation of licensing laws, which in this area should mean they throw open their doors promptly at 11 am Monday to Saturday. A pub that does not open until noon is not "Open All Hours". "Open All Afternoon" would be a more accurate slogan.

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  1. Yes, it is a clear violation of 1968 Trade Description Act. So not only do we have "pints" that are not pints. We have pubs falsely advertising in other ways. Worse, it is in front of everyone's face. Many say the internet is full of scams but that one takes the cake.


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