Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A pub with no beer?

Just a quick clarification - the poll to the left on "What do you drink if there's no cask beer?" allows multiple answers, although this isn't entirely obvious.


  1. Ok, but that's a five hit vote for me

  2. Fair enough, that's how it's meant to work.

    Maybe I should have excluded the "I go elsewhere" option, as there will always be some events such as weddings and funerals where you can't really do that unless you're a total sociopath.

  3. I didn't even consider such circumstances. Anyway, if it is a funeral then it must be spirit :)

  4. I'm happy these days to walk back out of a pub if it doesn't have cask.

  5. As am I, but the thinking behind the poll is more if you're caught at a social function - wedding, works do etc. - where there's no real ale available.


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