Thursday, 21 May 2009

One in ten

More nonsense from the bansturbators today with them trying to claim that one in ten men are on the brink of alcoholism. Now you and I would define an alcoholic as someone who is physically or mentally dependent on alcohol, the sort of person who drinks a bottle of spirits or more each day and needs a stiff one before they can function in the morning. I’ve come across a few in my time – generally beer drinkers – but it simply beggars belief that they amount to one in ten of the male population or anything remotely close to that. Are one in ten male deaths attributable to chronic alcohol problems? I don’t think so.

And what does “on the brink of” mean anyway? Isn’t this really just another way of saying “one in ten men are drinking a bit more than us joyless Puritans are happy with”? It is a typical example of the Righteous ratcheting down the threshold of acceptability so what was once considered normal, or not far beyond normal, comes to be regarded as aberrant.

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  1. I heard it was 1 in 4 drinking dangerously.To get such ridiculous figures, one would have to commit to a pre-determined outcome and then skew the study to prove your hypothesis.

    How else does one explain such nonsense?

    One day, scientists, epidemiologists, and researchers, will realise that such daft claims only serve to harm not only their cause, but their integrity too.


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