Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eight pointless things about myself

I have been tagged by Dick Puddlecote to come up with eight pointless things about myself. So here goes:

  1. I am irritated by people who leave the tops off pens
  2. The only professional football match I have ever attended was in 1971, when I saw Everton beat Southampton 8-0
  3. I must get some varifocals next time I have my eyes tested, as I am struggling to read beer bottle labels with my glasses on
  4. I can see a blue pyramid from my bedroom window - even when sober
  5. When I was at university in Birmingham in the late 1970s, I once went all the way round the Number 11 Outer Circle bus route
  6. I witnessed the final flight of the Vulcan bomber before its recent restoration
  7. The beer I have almost certainly drunk most of in my life is Robinson’s Unicorn (formerly Best Bitter)
  8. I enjoy the music of the Swedish pop duo Roxette
Not being a believer in chain letters I won't be passing the misery on to anyone else.

You could also try looking at this questionnaire, done when such things were all the rage in the newspapers.


  1. I know of a lot of folks who do the 11 bus route for fun. In spite of the nearest stop to me serving the 11 route, I refuse to get on it an become a statistic (it doesn't go where I need to go anyway) :-)

  2. Boo, hiss, spoilsport. ;-)

    This might be more your thing, then.

  3. "Boo, hiss, spoilsport. ;-)"

    Captain Ranty didn't tag anyone else either :P

    I have no friends anyway :-(

  4. Funny you mention the Vulcan. I am currently reading Vuclan 607 - a book about that particular airframe destroying the airstrip at Stanley. It's a good read.


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