Sunday, 20 September 2009

Chin-chin to tiresome moralisers

I can’t say I’m normally a great fan of the writings of India Knight in the Sunday Times, but her article today on our attitudes to alcohol certainly strikes the nail on the head. She rightly takes Frank Skinner to task for arguing that, because he was once an alcoholic who regularly woke up in a pool of urine, those of us who can enjoy a drink responsibly should be subject to draconian restrictions. And she makes the point – sadly all too true - that “the idea that anyone who enjoys a big fat glass of red with their supper is basically a functioning alcoholic is slowly gaining ground.”


  1. Another good one, and again I've pinched it for my blog, giving credit of course.

  2. Also worth a nod to Tyson's comments about Frank Skinner a few days ago.

    The original article is here.

    I was a heavy drinker. I have been known to wake up in a pool of my own urine in a place I didn’t know. So-called social drinkers will read this and say, “His case is different; he had a problem”, but anyone who is reluctant to face social gatherings without the aid of alcohol should be asking themselves why.

    What nonsense.

  3. Thanks for the link, Curmudgeon I enjoyed reading India Knight's article.


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