Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vote against the Nanny State

Thanks to RedNev for pointing out a poll on the website of anti-drink fakecharity Alcohol Focus Scotland, asking us to vote Yes or No to the proposition “Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society. I support minimum pricing.” It’s currently running at 66% against.

As Nev says, let's try to make that figure higher before they remove the poll through embarrassment.

I read an interesting statistic today, that while alcohol-related “harm”, and alcohol consumption, are considerably higher in Scotland than in England and Wales, the general level of alcohol pricing and promotions is much the same. This strongly suggests the reasons have far more to do with social mores than with price.


  1. Currently on 69% against.


  2. Now at 70% against. I expect it will be quietly removed and the result suppressed very soon.


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