Friday, 18 September 2009

Misheard at the bar

It’s often said we have a north-south divide in this country, but those who know me will confirm that I don’t exactly have the most “eeh bah gum” Northern accent in the world, and so it beggared belief when I asked for a pint of Sussex Best in a Harvey’s pub in East Sussex and was presented with a pint of Fosters. Maybe the landlady was overdue for an ear-waxing. To their credit, there was no problem in putting the order right.

It also puzzled and dismayed me the amount of John Smith’s Smooth being sold in said pub, when one of Britain’s finest cask bitters was available alongside it in excellent condition and at a lower price.


  1. I once ordered a beer on an internal American Airlines flight and the stewardess came back with a pineapple juice.

    I was duly horrified.

  2. My sister, who has lived in the United States for over 10 years now, recently asked for a bottle of water at a drive-in fast-food takeaway, and was give a bottle of root beer!

    Can't think what Harveys are playing at selling slop like John Smiths Extra Smooth alongside their own excellent cask beers. Someone ought to have a quiet word with Miles Jenner.

  3. "It also puzzled and dismayed me the amount of John Smith’s Smooth being sold in said pub"

    Perhaps some people actually enjoy the sensation of drinking lanolin...


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