Friday, 18 September 2009

Does size matter?

The current poll about people’s preferred bottle size was sparked by this comment of mine suggesting that BrewDog should put their 5.0% ABV 77 Lager in 500ml rather than 330ml bottles. I can see why they do it – they want to stress the idea that their beers are for savouring rather than swilling, and they want them to appear on the section of the supermarket shelves that contains Brooklyn Lager and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. But, personally, I don’t really consider a 330ml bottle of a beer in that strength range to be a satisfying drink. I would stress it’s standard beers I’m thinking about in the poll, not those of the strength of Duvel and Old Tom where a smaller bottle size may well be appropriate.

Get your vote in now - the poll closes around lunchtime tomorrow!


  1. With you on this one. Unfortunately it seems it's more about aesthetics and marketing rather than practicality.

    Opening two bottles would give 660ml-considerably more than 500 and, of course, more expensive.

  2. 330 ml is just over half a pint, a completely unsatisfying and unjustifiable measure for a 5% beer ~ I think they're being rather pretentious.

  3. I'm in the pretentious camp - 330 is okay by me!

  4. I was talking about the brewer, not the drinker. Perhaps I'm in the thirsty* camp ~ I like pints.

    *Or greedy?


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