Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Let’s be clear about cask

Ironically, it’s Pete Brown again, but this anecdote from the Morning Advertiser about the aftermath of the Cask Marque AGM just demands a mention:

In fact, I suspect this particular situation would have been better ten years ago. Fortunately the misguided idea that murk adds character to cask beer doesn’t seem to have spread much beyond London so far. Maybe Pete should mention in his next Cask Report the risk of poor presentation putting the casual punter off the category entirely.


  1. too easy cookie, too easy.

  2. divna ya like porridgey beer no more, py?

  3. Presumably he missed out the bit where the barperson carried on to talk at length about unfined beer, hop haze and do you really want fish guts in you pint?

  4. dont forget it flips the other way too though, I had a beer at one of Brewdogs bars last week, that Brewdog claim is a Witbier style and at least meant to be hazy in appearance, yet it was totally crystal clear, which none of the highly passionate for beer trained bar staff seemed to think was a problem :)


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