Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Mudgie pubs

The other day, Cooking Lager said on Twitter that he was going to be entertaining his young nieces next weekend, and was wondering which pubs I would be going in so he could bring them along to annoy me.

I responded with an off-the-cuff selection of spoof hostelries which I thought I would expand into a fuller list. At least four of these exist in real life, and there is a Royal Children in Nottingham, although this apparently refers to the children of Princess (later Queen) Anne rather than the Princes in the Tower. Some of the references are obvious, others less so.

  • The Bradshaw’s Head
  • The Chesterbelloc Arms
  • The Codger’s Arms
  • The Duke of Edinburgh
  • The Farage Arms
  • The Full Measure
  • The Leonard Lord
  • The Live and Let Live
  • The Mangy Cat
  • The Miser’s Hoard
  • The Old Brown Bitter Jug
  • The Old Rickety House at Home
  • The Princes in the Tower
  • The Sir George Ayscue
  • The Spit-Roast Child
  • The Viaduct
The Bradshaw’s Head appears as a spoof entry in my now mothballed Stockport Pub Guide.


  1. Use 'em or lose 'em, Mudgester

  2. One of these will get you on Operation Yewtree.

  3. You missed out the Eurocrats Bane.

    1. The Roast Beef of Olde England would make that point in a rather more pubby way. And the Heart of Oak.


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