Sunday, 14 June 2009

Stella rebellion?

Last year, InBev decided to standardise the strength of both bottled and draught UK Stella Artois at 5% ABV, instead of the previous 5.2%. No doubt that missing 0.2% will save lots of wives from being beaten. But it seems that their customers are revolting – recently I have seen a number of off-licences selling the imported 5.2% version, which possibly is brewed to a superior recipe as well. Could it be that customers, when offered the choice, are rejecting InBev’s dumbing down?

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  1. When we had our off-licence we made a point of offering Belgian-brewed Stella, as opposed to the Whitbread version as it then was. If you're selling "wife-beater" you may as well go for the real thing!


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