Saturday 20 June 2009

Winston Man has second thoughts

As “Winston Man”, David Goerlitz was a star of cigarette ads until he turned against Big Tobacco. Now, however, he thinks the anti-smokers have gone too far:

What about the right to smoke in a bar? ‘Absolutely they should have the right to smoke in a bar! Abso-fricking-lutely. Only because children don’t generally hang out in a bar. Bars should be a place where a smoker should be able to go to have a drink, have a pint, have a six-pack or whatever, and smoke his or her cigarettes.

‘Treat people with dignity and respect. Once you turn on them and try to dehumanise them and make them feel like lepers you’ve got yourself a war. And unfortunately, with a war there has to be participation and all you’re hearing in this tobacco war are these loud-mouthed anti-smoking zealots, the wackos, the grab-bag full of nuts that are there.’
One can only hope that more people will wake up to the extremism, dishonesty and intolerance that lie at the heart of the anti-smoking movement.


  1. I listened to the whole interview with Goerlitz, and he is very scathing about the US anti-smoking movement. He states (and gives very well-informed proof) that it has ceased to be about health, and is now more led by money and the push for full prohibition.

    He was asked who he trusted more, the tobacco companies, or tobacco control, and he sided with tobacco companies.

    Considering he has been on both sides, this says a lot. People have always mistrusted tobacco companies, but anti-smokers are now using that mistrust to stir up hatred towards smokers themselves.

    It's working too. Not just in the US, but over here too.

  2. That's very telling. Thank you for this.

    It's not even really about smoking now. It's more about naked control of what people do with their own bodies. Hell to that - we fought Hitler to stop this kind of thing happening.

    When the revolution eventually comes this mindset must be entirely eradicated.

    I don't like smoking but I can tolerate it. I cannot tolerate people who want to turn us into slaves.


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