Thursday 5 November 2009

Government hands pubs VAT lifeline

Never let it be said that the present government does nothing to help the pub trade. In response to pressure from the industry, they have agreed to defer the 1 January VAT increase. By a whole six hours. I’m sure that will get Darling and Brown unbanned from thousands of pubs across the country.

It shouldn’t be forgetten, though, that the whole futile charade of cutting VAT and then raising it again conceals a stealth increase of 8% in alcohol duties – now reversing that might be a real lifeline for pubs.


  1. A meangingless gesture that just about sums up the government's approach to the pub trade.

  2. It isn't just boozers that have a right to moan about this, all of retail will be gearing up to january sales. From the xmas TV, I gather its a big time for the buying of new sofas. During the busiest trading time of year, a VAT change to sort out. Nice one Darling. It's a government of monkeys.

  3. The sour-faced anti-smokers will now rush the pubs to save a few pence on the taxes. The resulting stampede will save the industry. Long live Labour.

  4. Well spotted. VAT is the Worst Tax Of All, whether they hike it at 6 in the morning of 1 January or 2.15 pm on a Tuesday afternoon on February.


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