Thursday, 26 November 2009

Offers you can refuse

From time to time I get special offers of either points or money off certain products with the Tesco Clubcard. Generally these are for things I buy anyway, or which they want me to buy more of in their store rather than elsewhere. But when it comes to alcoholic drinks their logic seems to have gone seriously awry.

I sometimes pick up a bottle of lager – Bitburger, Budweiser Budvar, BrewDog 77 and the like – so what do I get with my receipt one day? 75p off a four-pack of Carlsberg. Needless to say that went in the bin (although if I actually knew Mr Cooking Lager personally he would have been welcome to it).

Likewise, I buy the occasional bottle of decent cider – today I got a bottle of Henney’s Reserve. And what do I get with my receipt – 25 points off a bottle of “WKD Core Apple Cider” (sic). That will end up in the same place.

Somehow I can’t see them offering buyers of fine wine vouchers for discounts on Liebfraumilch.


  1. Sorry, the Carlsberg was months ago, and I hardly think WKD Core is quite up your street :p

    It's less than the price of a stamp anyway.


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