Saturday, 27 March 2010

Don't cut the limit

I recently concluded a poll asking the question “Should the UK drink-driving limit be reduced from 80mg to 50mg?” There were no less than 147 responses, easily beating even the s*****g b*n poll, and the results were as follows:

Yes, with a mandatory ban at 50mg : 13 (9%)
Yes, with points only between 50mg and 79mg: 5 (3%)
No, the current law is sufficient: 129 (88%)

So a decisive rejection of the idea, although no doubt some will claim it was from a biased sample. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe there’s any guarantee that cutting the limit will save a single life, but there can be no doubt it would have a serious negative impact on the pub trade outside major urban centres. It would be an all-too-typical example of the current-day trend of taking headline-grabbing “Something must be done” measures without regard to either the wider consequences or indeed whether they will be effective at all.


  1. “Something must be done”. That phrase is responsible for so many bad government decisions and defective laws.

  2. Any cut is unwarranted, pointless and flying in the face of the facts. However, it seems that the Conservatives are unconvinced, so it seems it may never come to pass under the new government.


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