Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Closing time

One of the benefits of Google Street View is that you can pull up an image of pretty much any pub, anywhere in the country. And, sad to say, a depressingly large number of them show up as being closed and boarded. I’ve accumulated something of a collection of these links and thought I would set up another blog called Closed Pubs to which I could progressively add them. Obviously this won’t appeal to those who view the world through rose-tinted beer goggles, but all it is is a record of what can (or could) be seen on the ground. If you have any more suggestions for inclusion, please let me know.


  1. 10/10

    I am not top PC man but I have been wating for some site do get
    this show on the road,but how do you get 8000+ thumbnails on a an A4
    sheet. Four A4s 1000 on each side ,
    that would be a nice wad to shove up some denialists sniffer.
    I know how to transmit pics to you
    but what about others ,how do they get pics to your site
    I do hope all the other webbbies
    get stuck in with you on this

    Boarded up pub spotter

  2. There's an e-mail link on the blog - all you need to do is send me the name of the pub and the postcode and I can do the rest.

    Bear in mind it's not intended exclusively as an anti smoking ban site and will include pictures of pubs (such as the Old Bull's Head at Little Hucklow) that closed before the ban.

  3. There already is a site documenting closed pubs.


  4. Indeed, and I would say my blog complements that rather than conflicting with it.

  5. Full of the joy of life Curmudgeon!

    I can share a few from Morley, west Yorks if you need, just let me know where to send them to.

  6. Google street view is already out of date. Just last night I passed yet another newly closed pub.

  7. "just let me know where to send them to"

    closedpubs AT pubcurmudgeon.org.uk

  8. Fantastic Mudge, I might just set up a blog about all the new Tesco's that open :)

  9. The picture gallery will show the
    true extent of the decimation of our way of life especially for those with mega blinkers on.

    Just a thought for denialists
    Severe recession
    20% unemployment
    Supermarket beer ,extremely cheap
    Downturn in tourism
    High bar prices

    Bar closures negligable
    0.5% at last count
    9% in UK 18 times the rate of closures

    Any ideas?

    Real World

  10. Emmerdale's Woolpack closed
    due to "high rents and price of beer"
    Before the oversize garden gnomes and whiskered hobbits start nodding their aggeement with the above reasons,
    just try a gallon of the bitter truth.


  11. WWW,BBC Wales.Pubs face mass closure with some truths onboard.
    Has a few pubs going to auction
    plus a usual snippet from
    Welsh CAMRA

  12. Very odd. Can't see what you're trying to prove by quoting Spainish statistics. Why not Peru or Israel?

    There is no resemblance whatsoever between the UK pub scene and Spanish drinking culture. It's comparing apples with oranges.


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