Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wet January

Well, not a lot of interest from blog readers in “Dry January”, with no less than 46% having visited pubs ten or more times just to have a drink, and two-thirds having done it at least five times. Amongst this sample, pubgoing is clearly alive and well. However, as seen with other polls on here, there’s a distinct U-shape to the results, with 28% having done it just once or twice or not at all - although they may well have had a drink elsewhere.

As I said in a recent post, people who want to go to pubs will continue to go to pubs. Whether the population as a whole will do the same is less certain.


  1. I still drank through January though i only went to the pub a couple of time, remember tesco is your friend these days.

    pretty much managed at least a beer a day, so I kept my end up.

  2. pubgoing is clearly alive and well? What have you done with the real Mudgie and can we have him back?


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