Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wirral wonder

Recently on my travels I came across this particularly magnificent example of inter-wars Brewer’s Tudor, the Coach & Horses at Moreton on the Wirral. According to this site, it was built in 1928 as a replacement for an older pub.

Since then, comparing the current view with the old pictures, the section on the left has been converted to shops, and the square stone-built extension right on the corner added, but the basic fabric remains of a building not far short of the well-known Black Horse in Northfield, Birmingham in terms of its scale and architectural ambition. Just look at those chimneys on the right-hand side.

It’s good to see it still in business, unlike so many similar pubs, although the modern Wetherspoon’s just up the road, the Mockbeggar Hall, can’t have helped its trade. Maybe, given their more recent approach to new acquisitions, if they were looking to expand in the area now they would buy up the existing pub.


  1. I cannot find a Dickie review of this boozer on beer in the evening, are you sure it's any good?

  2. Actually, as a pub, as opposed to a piece of architecture, I suspect it's probably crap. Also keg-only according to whatpub.com.


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