Saturday 9 April 2016

Open for you?

This poll on what times people go to the pub was inspired by various comments in the blogosphere about pubs adopting ever more limited opening hours and failing to advertise them, specifically this post by Simon Everitt.

The results don’t really tell us much we didn’t know already. It might have been more meaningful to break down “weekdays” to individual days, or maybe Mon-Wed and Thu-Fri, but that would have made it too long-winded.

Two possibly significant indications are that people seem much keener on pubgoing at weekday lunchtimes than many pubs seem to imagine, and Sunday seems to be the slackest pubgoing day of the week. A good turnout of respondents, though.


  1. I agree the poll would be a lot more useful divided by each day. I don't think you can conclude Sundays are quietiest or that weekday lunch is that popular because you have to divide the weekdays numbers by 5. I'd also say most of the weekday responses refer to Friday.

    Even more useful would be to also break it down by pub type and location eg. food or wet led, rural, town centre or neighboorhood. But I realise that would be very long winded.

    1. Obviously I'm in no position to go too far down the road of professional market research, but I have created a quick survey to break it down over days of the week.

  2. Erm, people that read this tosh go down the pub at various times they are open. And?

  3. I imagine most people who go to the pub at lunchtime do so for food, not just for a drink.

    I would imagine the weekday tea-time would largely be Fridays, but the weekday evenings would be spread across the week, at least from my experience. You can hardly get a seat in a pub on a Tuesday evening.


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