Thursday, 23 June 2016

Decision day

For the past month, I’ve been running a poll in the sidebar that mirrors the question we are being asked to vote on today at the ballot box. It was originally hidden away at the bottom, but a couple of weeks ago I moved it up to the top after another poll was concluded. I’ve deliberately not touted it around Twitter, as when I’ve done that before it has led to seriously distorted results. The final result shown above is not all that different from many opinion polls.

On the other hand, the Twitter poll I ran cannot really be said to give a representative cross-section of public opinion, although the number of responses is very impressive. Note how it achieved no less than 41 retweets.

Now, it won’t come as any surprise which way I will be voting. But, whatever your views, please make sure you do vote and make your voice heard.

Vast amounts have been written on the subject, but if you only read one article, make it this one by Brendan O’Neill:

What we are voting for

From a beery point of view, Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has written in the Morning Advertiser:

Remain campaign shows contempt for the British public

While, in the interest of balance, beer writer Matthew Curtis has written:

Three Simple Reasons why the British Beer Industry needs the UK to Remain in the EU


  1. Surprised to see you endorsing the Revolutionary Communist Party line, Mudge!

    1. Maybe not quite so surprised to see you endorsing the Provisional IRA line, Phil ;-)

  2. I know that you have seen the post from Monday on ACVs on velvetgloveironfist and the original Moaning (sic) Advertiser article is worth reading in full: just thought it should be brought to your readers’ attention in case they missed it.

    1. I am planning to do a blogpost on that issue, but obviously I can't do everything at once!

      Also, I am off on hols next week so it might not be until I return.

  3. I suspect your vote and mine may be dissimilar, but I fully agree the people should get out and vote. It's better to spoil your paper if you want to say 'a plague on both your houses', otherwise you'll just be dismissed as apathetic.

  4. I have changed my mind a few times over which way to vote today,what swung it for me was the two front men for out of Europe in Boris Johnson and the even more right wing Nigel Farrage,i did not take into account anything to do with beer,but i did about the way it would affect industry in the country if we left.
    I think you now know which way i voted.

  5. Interesting this 'straw poll' turned out to be a lot more accurate than any of the professional polsters!

    1. Mudgie now set to make a fortune in market research.


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