Wednesday 18 April 2018

The votes are in

Today is the closing date for postal and online voting on the Special Resolutions about CAMRA’s Revitalisation project, so I’ve closed my own poll on the subject. The results are shown above.

Obviously the voters are drawn from my blog and twitter followers, and so won’t be representative of the wider CAMRA electorate, but if replicated that would see the proposals not only fail to reach the required 75% threshold, but be defeated outright. As usually happens in these polls, the relative proportions have remained fairly steady throughout the voting period, although there has been a small swing towards the “Pro” camp in the past couple of days.

I’ve also created a Twitter poll on what result people *expect* to see, as opposed to what they *want* to see. On current figures, the most popular option is “Fall with 50-74% vote.”

The actual results at the CAMRA AGM in Coventry will be made public at some time during this coming Saturday.


  1. I fully expect the CAMRA wallas to rush out for pints of ice cold fizzy lager shouting "thank the gods, we are finally allowed to drink the nectar of the normals!"

  2. No, it's only craft murk. Macro lager will remain strictly verboten.

  3. I'm off out for a couple of Sam Smith's Pure Brewed Organic (vegan) lout in a minute. That's about as craft as it gets, isn't it?

  4. If the CAMRAs fail to embrace the lager the reasons will be clear. A group of old people with no consideration for the kids ruining the future. Uneducated racists and the like who should not be allowed a vote. There'll all be dead soon anyway. We need need a second vote ! This time the lager drinkers should get 2 votes!

    1. You are right Cooking Lager I like beer

  5. Professor Pie-Tin20 April 2018 at 11:46

    @Arsenal Fan 36

    You must be celebrating this morning !


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