Sunday, 28 February 2010

Positive feelings

This is just an open thread about the current poll “What gives you a positive feeling about a pub?”

It’s interesting to see that the obvious answer, “a real fire”, has currently been voted for by all respondents.


  1. Bench seating with a positive no-nonsense attitude from stopping the one person hogging a whole section with one coke for two hours waiting for their mates to turn up..this is always going to be a good sign.

    However can I just say a real roaring fire with a pub cat beside it will be a real winner each time!

  2. "However can I just say a real
    roaring fire with a pub cat beside it will be a winner each time"

    Now I know I got off at the wrong planet.

    What use is a fire for the dead

    Bolton Secure Unit

  3. What about the 99p a pint sign?

  4. Square meal for a round pound?

    I do enjoy clean toilets. I see that was listed in your choices.

  5. Martin, Cambridge4 March 2010 at 12:58

    The smell of a real fire, as well as the heat, really adds to the pub experience.

    I particularly recommend the Dead Poets in Holbrook and the Magpie and Parrot in Shinfield. In the former you also get beer from the jug, and both are child-free for the child-haters amongst you (joking).


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