Monday, 15 February 2010

Ten green bottles

I recently concluded a poll asking the question “Do you keep a record of your alcohol consumption?” There were 43 responses, broken down as follows:

Yes, as accurately as I can: 2 (5%)
Yes, in an approximate way: 14 (32%)
Occasionally for a week or two: 4 (9%)
No, but perhaps I should: 2 (5%)
No, I wouldn’t dream of it: 15 (35%)
I can never remember how much I’ve had anyway: 6 (14%)

A very clear division of opinion there, with “Yes, in an approximate way” and “No, I wouldn’t dream of it” being by far the most popular options. While it will take away much of the enjoyment of drinking by reducing it to a dry unit-counting calculation, on the other hand if you do have an interest in alcoholic drinks it probably makes sense to ensure you don’t let it get out of hand. And if you have a driving licence, even if you take the view that you never drink anything immediately before driving, it is in your own interest to keep tabs on your consumption.


  1. No problem counting my intake
    Thursdays only 3 x Pint of Guiness
    At home alcohol
    Total Per Week.............3 pints

    It was more complex prior to July 07
    Me 7x 4-6 pints
    Wife 7x 2-3 pints
    Total per week 42-63 pint
    What have I done with the savings?
    Visit Spain and Belgium 10-12 times per year.
    Just the job......Cheers

    Jack and Jill

  2. As an inveterate ticker I keep a careful note of the different types of beer I consume, but the total amount is frequently a hazy memory.

    Tastes nice, though.


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