Monday, 22 February 2010

Likes and dislikes

The current poll asks the question “What do you personally find offputting in pubs?” As a point of clarification, since a commenter asked the question, this is really about what you find offputting in some pubs, not pubs as a whole (although obviously one option currently applies to all pubs). It’s the kind of thing that makes your heart sink a bit when you venture into a pub. Interestingly, although not surprisingly, “Noisy children” is well out in front, having been voted for by 89% of respondents. There are plenty of other things I could have put in the list – one that has sprung to mind since I did the poll is uniformed bar staff.

Following this, I was thinking about doing another poll on what you find appealing in pubs, what brings a smile to your face when you walk in. The obvious one is a real fire in the grate, but if readers can think of any others I’ll consider including them in the list - mention them in the comments.


  1. Lots of handpulls, providing they are all in top notch condition, of course.

    Home-made food.

    Live music

  2. Live music can be a double-edged sword, of course, although arguably its mere presence is a sign of an effort being made.

    In Stockport there's a highly regarded rock pub called the Thatched House. Now, I'm partial to the odd bit of AC/DC, but if I was looking for a quiet drink and a chat obviously I'd steer clear of the place.

  3. I voted for all of the above. I just want a quiet pub where I can drink and talk with friends in an atmosphere of smoky indulgence, served by a welcoming landlord.

    Well I am getting old I suppose.

  4. Anyone who can find anything
    appealing in any of todays pubs
    needs shipping to Lourdes ,Pronto.

  5. Pub's advertising regional/seasonal ales.

    Bar billiards table.

    Old pewter or glass mugs to drink from.

  6. See you sneaked in a smoking question there, Mudgie.

  7. For me the nicest thing in a pub is a sign that declares "99p a pint"

  8. @Cooking Lager - that's possibly the most offputting thing to me, it means that the local louts will be in trying to get drunk as its the cheapest thing they can buy.

    As for things I like - a good collection of 'stuff' around the pub (framed old newspapers, one pub I like a lot has a collection of chamber pots hanging from the celling).

    Free newspapers

    Oh, and a nice whiskey shelf separate from the other spirits!

  9. I voted in your current poll. I don't normally but I had a moment of weakness this time.

    Things I find welcoming in a pub:

    Smiling interested staff
    Room at the bar
    Decent selection of ale
    somewhere to sit

  10. Clarkie, you'd say I was slipping if I didn't sneak in a smoking question ;-)

    And, wow, 83 responses so far – that's comfortably a record excluding the, er, you know, smoking ban poll.

    Folks might be interested in Curmudgeon's Ideal Pub which I wrote almost exactly ten years ago.

  11. Please Sir,
    Curmy mentioned schhhhhhhhhmoking

    Clarky, Go and haunt some other
    belfry,you limp wristed clerks are
    really crawling up my overalls.
    Probbly bored ,waiting for the Rites of Sping and some soul destroying froth sniffing festival.

    Mucky Hen..8.4% On draught

  12. Table service
    Clean toilets (with toilet paper and soap)
    Great home made, locally sourced food
    Free wifi
    Nice glasses - those god awful half pint nonics should be banned
    And Carling obvioulsy ;o)

  13. Some good suggestions for appealing points on here, although I think I'll be concentrating on those that make a difference, rather than those like good beer and clean toilets that you would expect as a matter of course. I'll also have to whittle it down to a manageable list of 15 at the most.

    Pubs are caught in a cleft stick with half-pints - they are criticised for offering stemmed "ladies' glasses", and equally criticised for smaller versions of standard pints. I particularly hate those tall, thin half-pint glasses that resemble glorified straws. In my view nothing beats a Nonic for drinking a pint of British cask beer.

  14. What about absence of beer worth drinking?

  15. Oh dear. Have selected 8 dislikes out of 12. Does this mean I am a grumpy old git, or does it mean I am more discerning than I thought?

  16. Call me old-fashioned, but if I still went to pubs, a major attraction would always be a comely barmaid with a chewy face. ;-)


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