Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fame at last

I see the companion blog of my Opening Times columns has now made it to the heady heights of #81 on the Wikio wine and beer blog rankings. It’s a bit disappointing I don’t get more comments on there, given that the column appears in a monthly print magazine with a circulation of 7,000 and the link is always given at the bottom. I mean, it’s not as if it’s never controversial. While it often develops themes first mentioned here, it’s rarely just lifted verbatim. And that column came first, of course.

If you’ve subscribed to this, why not subscribe to that as well and liven it up a bit?

Incidentally, do you get the impression that the general beer blogging scene has gone a bit quiet recently? Maybe folks are all blogged out after the great “craft keg” ruckus…


  1. I’d say the beer blogging scene has been in a general lull for some time now. You do get the occasional flare up, as in the recent “bloggerati wars”, but I think this just masks the slow atrophy that seems to be taking place.

    Reasons? Too many, spread too thin, recycling the same old, same old? Other competing social media? Novelty factor finally wearing off? Take your pick.

  2. I'm rather confused by the blog rankings. I entered it last December at 60, since when I've slowly slid down and am now at 90, even though I am getting almost double the number of hits. Perhaps it's because they now count twitter, which I'm not on.

  3. RedNev - isn't it more to do with links from other blogs than people who actually visit the site (which is nonsense in my view but since I don't blog who am I to say).

  4. AIUI it does work on links from other blogs rather than number of hits – but of course that is the way Google basically works, so not in itself an invalid way of doing it. It does seem to produce some perverse results, so I would never consider it any more than a "fun statistic". I don't think it includes links from blogrolls, only those actually within blog posts.

  5. I wonder how a table ranked by hits would compare with the "Wikio Rankings"?

    By the way - word verification was "henge" - very appropriate for the Summer Solstice

  6. Regarding the rankings, it seems that you need to agree with a blogger or two to provide reciprocal links within articles and you'll shoot up the rankings. I'll throw my hat in the ring and offer my services!


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