Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Big Price Hike

Bad news from Tesco Towers:

Tesco saw billions of pounds wiped from its shares today after the supermarket admitted it messed up its pricing strategy in a "disappointing" Christmas.

The blue-chip stock slumped by an unprecedented 15% - equivalent to more than £4 billion - after chief executive Philip Clarke said the grocer had failed to pull in enough customers with its £500 million Big Price Drop campaign.

Tesco, which has 2,700 stores in the UK, reported a "disappointing" 2.3% decline in like-for-like sales excluding VAT and petrol in the six weeks to January 7, which came in below its own expectations.
Judging by today’s experience in the beer aisle they’re not going to turn things round any day soon, as the standard price for 500ml premium bottle ales has been increased to £1.99, even for the 3.8% ones, which is the same as you would pay for a pint in Spoons. Not a sniff of a multibuy offer either. When Morrisons are selling a broadly similar selection for £1.75 each, or £5.50 for four, it will be hardly surprising if those customers who include beer in their weekly shop vote with their feet.


  1. £500 million Big Price Drop

    In their bloody market capitalisation, they achieved an eightfold success!

  2. It does not matter if the Supermarket prices surpass the pub prices , millions will not return to the pubs untill they are treated like humans instead of vermin
    We are sometimes a little too eager
    to blame the pathetic publicans for their lack of action against the nonsensical smoking ban,but
    really the greater part of blame lies with the crony regulars who
    try to deny what is blatantly obvious.
    They will not be forgotten

    An Hillside View

  3. I see Warren Buffet increased his shareholding from 3% to 5% after the crash.

    Beer and Wine are commodities to supermarkets, but a noted driver of footfall noticed when they had to tackle the Calais booze cruises of the 90's


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