Sunday, 8 January 2012

Derby bypassed

I was interested to see yesterday a notice in a pub saying that they would not be screening today’s FA Cup Derby match between City and United, even though it has several large-screen TVs. Obviously they’d decided that having a crowd of boisterous footie fans in would put off their lunchtime diners and in the long run might damage their trade. It’s also a pub that has been recently refurbished and is maybe trying to shake off a reputation for being a bit rough. It would be good to see a few more pubs have the courage of their convictions and do the same from time to time.


  1. I had the following told to me in a pub in Glasgow;
    Landlord "Its a Rangers pub at one end, A Celtic one at the other so we accomodate the people who just want to watch the game normally".
    I also think their Sky bill was a very non trivial amount of money which is something else that was not needing paid a few years ago.

  2. I love seeing those big Sky Sports banners outside pubs; they tell me to carry on walking.

  3. Plenty of good pubs have Sky Sports, though, although they generally don't tend to display the banners.

  4. Perhaps we should ban Sky Sports in pubs because I want to know that whatever one I go in, I won't be subjected to the noise.


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