Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just say no

Ooh, this will certainly wind up some folks…
“Veto Ale is a traditional English bitter and a perfect example of a great beer style that you can drink and feel proud to be British,” said Tim Martin, Wetherspoon chairman.
Given that cask beer is a distinctive British product, traditionally sold in pints, you do have to wonder whether some people wouldn’t really be happier drinking lager in half-litres.

And, of course, it’s brewed by the same company who brought us Iron Lady Bitter a couple of years ago, celebrating their home county of Lincolnshire’s most famous daughter.


  1. Anyone who gets wound up by that needs to lighten up. Next time I'm in Spoons I'll try it.

  2. Not wound up, just a bit depressed that Cameron's dim-witted & self-indulgent gesture is being celebrated by someone who should know better. (For the record it didn't veto anything, or indeed achieve anything at all.)

    Still, I might try the beer - any idea who the brewer is?

  3. It's Batemans, as it says on the pumpclip.

    Continuing the political theme, there's a two-page AGW-sceptic article about sea levels in the current issue of the Spoons magazine ;-)

  4. The sea level rising sceptic article is the real surprise here. I had to check that I was actually reading a pub magazine:) Not sure if he's overstepped the mark with it, but it makes for interesting reading.

  5. Tim Martin and David Cameron seserve each other.

  6. "Proud to be British" mumbles
    the Wetherspoon boss.....?????
    Proud to wheel an 87 year ww2 veteran with a leg missing into a
    wet backyard so he can light up his Hamlet Cigar
    Forget the pride crap,all you
    fellow travellers
    In any decent Englisman's book
    As for all the whimps who follow the Pied Piper,,,the river beckons,
    join the rats.

    Revelations MMX11

  7. Lighten up, Anon; you're becoming a real bore. It's a beer, not a party manifesto.

  8. I'll not be trying it. I know nothing about Mr Cameron's veto - but I guess it was nothing really significant in the grand scheme of things!

    I also haven't spent a single CAMRA token in Wetherspoons as they are not real pubs. They are just places for people to meet, have a meal and move on - unless you are on incapacity, and then you stay all day :P


  9. I finally tried it a couple of days ago in a Spoons that looks after its beer; it's completely nondescript.

  10. I've seen this twice in Spoons, but it's always been "Coming Soon", so I've never actually tried it.


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