Saturday, 7 December 2013

Strike an E-lite!

Well, the poll on the use of e-cigs in pubs has closed and there’s a pretty overwhelming majority in favour of their unrestricted use. I’d guess that those against are the kind of hysterical anti-smokers who will have a panic attack if they see someone doing something that even looks slightly like smoking in a public place.

As I’ve said before, licensees are entirely within their rights to ban the use of e-cigs anywhere on their premises. But they need to think very clearly exactly what kind of message that sends out. The days when they could capriciously ban all kinds of “undesirable” behaviour are long gone, and now pubs are scratching around for every customer they can get.

Is it really going to be in their interest to impose a blanket ban on an entirely legal activity? Surely they need to either permit e-cigs throughout, or if there are concerns about them being mistaken for real fags (which obviously are illegal, if not undesirable, indoors) define separate zones where they can and cannot be used.

And, if pubs that have banned e-cigs come along bleating that they have had to close because of lack of trade, I won’t exactly have much sympathy. Pubs can’t afford to turn away trade – they need to manage it.


  1. Don't worry, 'mudge: that perfect mechanism known as "the market" will sort it all out. :-)

  2. The problem is the fact that the E-Cig brigade will continue to
    patonise the venues which treat them like lepers
    Same with the ordinary smokers who cringe in doorways and backyards.The capdoffing landlords weaseled along with the
    draconian blanket ban hoping most of their smoking clientele would go along with all the excuses and
    cringing apologies.
    As for the anti smoking gang who try to deny the obvious,
    least said the better.
    Best solution for smokers and their REAL friends ,get a few crates in and kick the pubs where it hurts

    ab irato

  3. "get a few crates in and kick the pubs where it hurts"

    If you look at the number of pubs Robbies have closed recently it seems as if that's exactly what people are doing.

  4. I'm stunned by the results, Mudge. Readers of this tosh think they should be able to what they like, when they like, without consideration for others? Jesus.

    In other shock news, readers of the Daily Mail vote in a poll to send all the immigrants back to somewhere called "bongo bongo land". Readers of What's Brewing vote to round lager drinkers up and beat them with sticks until they agree to neck bitter. Readers of the Guardian vote to give more benefits to scroungers.

    Next you'll be telling me that readers of Nuts have voted for Lucy Pinder to get her tits out.

  5. Nice generalisation about those who voted no thanks.

  6. What other reason can there be apart from "it looks a bit like smoking, therefore it must be bad"?

    If you are opposed to people doing something entirely legal anywhere in pubs it does come across as just a tad intolerant.

  7. Being a pipe smoker (yes: beard and Fair Isle sweater too)I don't know anything about e-Ciggies. Do they produce smoke which might physically irritate other people?

  8. Very pleased to see Anonymous is back on top form.

  9. I didn't actually vote but as someone, i suppose, who falls in the anti-smoking camp, I'm surprised to be described as 'hysterical'. Never been hysterical about anything in my life!

    "it looks a bit like smoking, therefore it must be bad"

    well actually it still is bad for the person using the device, still putting nicotine in their system I think, am I correct??

    I've never seen anyone use one in a pub actually, but as a nurse I'm finding it weird seeing patients using them in a hospital bed/ward - what's your thoughts on that i wonder??


  11. Arn, don't you see the irony of claiming on a drinking alcohol blog that ingesting nicotine may be harmful? In fact it most probably isn't. Swedish snus hasn't been shown to lower life expectancy and pharmaceutical nicotine products are approved for use by 12 year olds.


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