Sunday, 23 August 2009

Vanished into a black hole

One of the biggest recent mysteries in the brewing world was InBev’s cancellation of the launch of the 5.5% ABV Stella Black, when everything was apparently ready to go. There appears to be an obvious gap in the market between the typical 5% premium lagers, and the mind-numbing and unpalatable 9% supers, but it’s one the mass-market brewers seem strangely reluctant to fill, no doubt for fear of an adverse reaction from the anti-drink lobby.

And maybe, given Stella’s nickname of “wifebeater”, calling a stronger variant “black” conjured up unfortunate images of black eyes.

In case you’re wondering, a Google search for images of “Stella Black” produced the stuffed pussy.


  1. There is a big market for more fully flavoured lagers. I think Inbev may use one of there other brands for a dark lager. A brand that is growing and has a better image.

  2. There is a big market for more fully flavoured lagers.

    Doesn't that somewhat contradict your frequent claim that one of the main plus points of cooking lager is its blandness? Aren't "more fully flavoured lagers" getting a bit close to "pongy" territory?

  3. I never said any of my opinions were in any way consistant or logical, only that it is a free englishmans right to express them.

    When cooking lager drinkers fancy a change, they don't opt for a pint of pong, they try a Leffe.

    InBev hav a number of lager brands, with growing markets. If they want to trial a dark lager, they'd be better off with an alternative branding.

    I think dark lager isn't the "future" though. More authentic lagers are the future. Like garlic bread.

  4. AFAIK Stella Black wasn't going to be a dark lager - just as Strongbow Black isn't a dark cider.

  5. Then its a crazy mad world of lagery lunacy. You'll be saying there is no such thing as "pear cider" next and claiming it's really called perry.


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