Sunday 13 December 2009

A crisp deal

As the tide of bansturbation spreads across our once pleasant land, it opens up surprising opportunities for keen-sighted entrepreneurs. Create a shortage, create a demand. 12-year-old Joel Bradley was caught allegedly selling a packet of Discos in a Liverpool secondary school at a marked-up price of 50p. No doubt he has a bright future ahead of him in business.

It is a sad commentary on the state of our nation that the humble crisp should be banned in the first place.


  1. Martin, Cambridge13 December 2009 at 20:27

    I've no problem with schools teaching good diet. I would observe though that the obesity epidemic is as overstated as the late-night no-go town centres are.

    Professor Paul Gateley was on the radio this week claiming that a third of children and two thirds of adults were putting their health at risk through being overweight or obese. Apparently you should be able to see the ribs of a healthy person !

  2. "Create a shortage, create a demand." Which with escalating beer duty will probably mean that booze cruises will become popular again.

  3. When my son was at secondary school he had a nice line in selling swets, cans of soft drinks etc. The teachers didn't like it, and he was in trouble over it on more than the odd occasion, but as I pointed out to him he was simply fullfilling a demand that the health fascists had removed by banning the sale of such items on school premises.
    Things were much different in my day; our school had its own thriving "Tuck-Shop" that did a roaring trade breaktime and at lunch. I don't remember the place being swamped with obese kids though!

  4. I didnt even know Discos still existed!! the salt and vinegar ones were sharp as hell!


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