Thursday 31 December 2009

Don't call time on historic pubs

Writing in the Guardian, Simon Davies says that the government should be doing much more to preserve the interiors of pubs. While there is a good case for listing the interiors of pubs that appear on CAMRA’s National Inventory, whether as whole interiors or as part survivals, beyond that the survival of pubs must be a matter of commercial viability. I like pubs with a sense of tradition and history, but I recognize that pubs can’t be preserved in aspic if they can’t attract customers. And, as many commenters point out, the government itself is the chief villain in making profitable pubs unviable at the stroke of a pen. Davies says:

It is time for political parties to take action to preserve what is left of the pub heritage. To hell with the idea that we shouldn't stand in the way of progress. I want future generations to stand in a grotty pool room and sniff the air that Johnny Rotten smelled when he changed history.
Oh the irony!


  1. It has never occurred to you people at all has it? One of the highest spending customers pubs have ever had...wait for it...are smokers.

    You have never once fought on their behalf when this nasty piece of legislation was brought in - destoying the social lives of millions of decent honourable well as a substantial amount of income.

    Always quite happy to have smokers in your establishments putting profits into your tills...but in their hour of need you deserted them.

    You've made your bed, now you lie in it!

  2. Umm, who exactly are the "you people" you are addressing here?

  3. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.


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