Sunday 27 December 2009

Enter your high score here

I had to raise a smile at the latest example of the unintended consequences of Righteous initiatives. The NHS have launched an iPhone “app” which lets users enter details of the alcoholic drinks they have consumed and then warns them if they are exceeding “safe” levels. However,

within days of the tracker being released it was being described on the internet as an “awesome game” and users were boasting about trying to beat their “top score”.
Now who could have ever guessed that would happen?

It’s on a par with those roadside signs that light up saying “Your speed is 36 mph” which inevitably acted as an invitation to the local yoofs to see who could record the highest speed.


  1. I laughed when I saw that too.

  2. If I don't light a roadside flasher up, the day is less fun. Normally a Nissan Micra in front will kibosh it.

  3. Venturing a bit off-topic, but the trend nowadays seems to be to replace the ones that say "Your speed is xx mph" with ones that light up saying "Watch your speed" or "Speed limit 30". The only problem is that the thresholds generally seem to be set below the actual speed limit. If I'm actually doing 30 or one or two mph above, and the thing flashes at me, the likely reaction is "oh fuck off!"

  4. There's one near me which is very difficult to crack. It's an exactly one mile stretch of road, 60mph, uphill, and with a roundabout at the bottom. The biggest flashing sign you've ever seen on a dual carriageway, surrounded by fields, and with no history of accidents ... ever. You have three quarters of a mile to set it off and you have to be 10mph over the limit to do so.

    You should hear the kids cheer when we get it to light up.

  5. I like the polite ones (29 - thank you) and will actually make an effort. The ones with smiley faces or that don't display the right level of gratitude can sod right off.

    On a related note, who else has a sneaking wish to collect the full set of warning pictures on fag packets? Where do I get an album?


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